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The Elder Scrolls (сокращённо — TES; в переводе с английского языка «Древние свитки») — серия компьютерных ролевых игр, разрабатываемых студией Bethesda Game Studios и выпускаемых компанией Bethesda Softworks. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind — ролевой экшн с открытым миром, позволяющим перемещаться по всей территории глобальной карты, включающей в себя четыре крупных города, множество мелких селений, а также. Скажу вам по секрету, впервые я запустил Morrowind на консоли Xbox. Она мне сразу понравилась, однако мимо возможности приобрести ПК-версию и установить на неё комплект модов я просто не мог пройти. Особенности The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. Проклятие на острове. Вся территория острова проклята, и вам как главному персонажу игры предстоит стать настоящей легендой. Прислали на е-майл, типа ПОДАРОК - бесплатный код tes25th-morrowind. На ТЕС 3 Морровинд. Типа надо для этого - только регистрация на сайте. Квестовые ингредиенты Править. Эти ингредиенты в игре существуют в единственном экземпляре (безусловно, с помощью багов или консольных команд можно добавить их в любом количестве). Best Mods For Religion > Discussion Thread #9 > Previous Discussion Thread here ( > Archive of Discussion Threads here ( Welcome to this week’s “Best Mods For…?” thread! This week’s theme: Religion. Judging from the results of several previous polls, the community has been wanting this one for a while. Let’s not waste time in getting started! First a shout-out to /u/docclox for writing an, in my opinion, rather excellent piece on the early Velothi's relationship with the "good" daedra. ( It provided me with a lot of the inspiration for this post. Anyways, as it says in the title, we're going to be talking morality today. Honor, justice, or lack thereof, in Dunmeri society. And why I am rather convinced that you could make a pretty convincing. So I tried to install MGSO but it kinda freezes at the "Extract files and backup" part, after it disabled my mouse and keyboard there is "a open this executable" prompt, however the installer doesn't do anything with it and I have to ctrlaltdel (I get mouse and keyboard that way, there's probably some other way but I'm stupid) and accept the exec launch. After extraction it doesn't do anything and doesn't react (the launcher To Tallenus Crava of Bruma's Guild of Smiths My dear master Tallenus, I am pleased to tell you that my stay in Morrowind has proven more pleasurable than anticipated. Rumors of the natives' resentment have been greatly exaggerated in my opinion, even if those of their secrecy are not. The Dunmer guard their inner workings well, and are loath to speak of their arts and politics even when breaking bread with you. And it must be noted that my observations hold most true of the Dunmer of southwe. Usually, in all forms of fantasy, cultures are something of a pastiche of real-world elements. What fantasy world - no matter the media - did a really good job of coming up with a new culture, something where most of the elements it's built on have no real-world analog. Seeing how Nord legend/tradition portrays the Dunmer as treacherous devils, especially so after the events of the events of the Five Songs, would the Stormcloak rebellion and revival of ancient tradition in Skyrim (jagged crown, an ysmir in Skyrim,etc.) see a renewed effort to take back Nord land in the east?I could see the the religious aspects of Vvardenfell:Shor’s heart- being especially important to the Nords. This is assuming that the Stormcloaks or another nationalist/traditional faction. So I downloaded the free morrowind and I just got released from being a prisoner. I’ve never played it and ive been playing Skyrim since it came out. I was curious to know what morrowind does better than Skyrim. I’m really excited. I understand that the Empire probably had an overwhelming advantage in men and resources, but the Dark Elves literally had 3 living gods with them. Vivec stopped a meteor from hitting Morrowind. Even if I assume the Empire had better tacticians (which shouldn’t be the case since Morrowing, again, had 3 living gods leading them) the 3 gods alone should beat the Empire to a pulp with their powers. Is there reasonable explanation as to why they didn’t This topic is the the sort-of sequel to this previous thread about Almalexia from two weeks ago:\_interesting\_insights\_on\_almalexia/ ( And tangentially related to:\_you\_believe\_vivec\_was\_truly\_remorseful\_over/ ( My initial thoughts on the process of mantling were: a) A god can only be mantled if they are dead/their place in the Wheel, so to speak, is missing. Hence the CoC mantling and becoming Sheogorath and Talos mantling Lorkhan. The fourth walking way is often referred to as retracing 'the steps of the dead' as a result of this rule (source: Nu-Hatta). b) That it involves reflecting their behaviour, beliefs and actions to such a powerful metaphysical extent that differentiating between the divine. Dunmer are my favorite race in ES, and I was wondering of anyone of knew particularly interesting characters or fun starts for the Dunmer in Elder King? On a side note how is there any connection between the Great Houses societies and the Kingdom titles. Quick question Guys , why was morrowind, who is ruled by Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha sil, who are literally Gods with immense power, conquered by Tiber Septium who was only a Human. Why didn't the three immortal god-kings just use their godlike powers to repel Talos conquest and free themselves from the empire ? Same thing for Argonians , Khajits and Orcs, they have Better physical capabilities than human, yet they always seem to get enslaved and rekt by the elves or the humans. By the time of Skyrim Civil War, Sotha Sil and Almalexia are confirmed dead (and to my knowledge, their deaths are at least unofficially acknowledged by House Indoril) and Vivec is most likely missing. Did the Tribunal Temple survive this as a major religion? I know there was Sotha Sil cult led by Galyn the Shelterer in Clockwork City, but I mean the province as a whole. Between the Tribunal disappearing, Empire basically in ruins and Argonian invasion it seems likely that Dunmer would return. I was wondering if anyone thinks that house hlaalu will ever be give a second chance by the other great house of Morrowind. Personally I don’t think so do to the other houses hatred of the empire but I wanted to hear what other people thought. Whoever happened to read my thoughts here and where knows that I'm firm adorer of TESO, seeing this game as a renaissance of the series and, probably, the main reason TES is alive and kicking in the cultural sense. But. It doesn't mean it don't have few problems, mostly connected to the release lore. One of my main issues were Indoril and their depiction in Stonefalls questline. Let's roll back for a history lesson to understand why. I always envisioned Indoril as the most elitistic Is there someway to play TR without MGE or MG. I just want some vanilla textures or something so I can have TR ready to go fast without the hassle of the MG mods but each time I try something with TR my game gives me a long list of missing meshes and items, any help would be great